ESLP 2018

At the forthcoming ESLP 2018 event, Researcher Michela Caldano will give a talk on Spatial demonstratives and perceptual space: To reach or not to reach in the sagittal and lateral planes? There is much debate regarding the relationship between spatial demonstratives (‘this’ or ‘that’)  and perceptual space. While some have argued for a close mapping between the use of demonstratives and the peripersonal/extrapersonal space distinction (Coventry et al., 2008, 2014; Diessel, 2005, 2014), others have argued that distance from a speaker does not affect demonstrative choice (e.g. Kemmerer, 1999; Peeters et al., 2015).

Michela will highlight her recent experiments investigating the mapping between the use of demonstratives and perceptual space across sagittal and lateral planes using a variant of the ‘memory game’ method (Coventry et al., 2008; Gudde et al., 2018) where participants were instructed to use language to memorise object location to elicit the production of demonstratives (without being aware about the real purpose of the study).

HCI2018 – 2-6 July

ESR Samuel Navas Medrano will present his research ‘Deictic Communication across Distances: Visualising Remote Pointing Gestures on Mobile Devices’ at the 32nd British Human Computer Interaction Conference in Belfast.  Details of the Conference Programme and Samuel’s presentation are available at HCI2018

Sharing the Experience

At a recent event for prospective PhD students and current post-docs, ESR Merlijn Breunesse shared her experience of being a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow on the DCOMM Grant.  The event, joining organised by the Freidrich-Schiller-Universität Jena and KoWi (Kooperationsstelle EU der Wissenschaftsorganisationen), considered ‘Research in Europe’ and funding mechanisms.

20th International Congress of Linguists 2018

ESR Merlijn Breunesse and her colleague, Barthe Bloom, have had a poster accepted for the 20th International Congress of Linguists 2018 to be held in Cape Town in July.   The Abstract for  “The role of (inter)subjectification in the development of the Norwegian preproprial article into the psychologically distal demonstrative” -can be viewed here

Demonstratives in bilinguals: the case of Mallorca

ESR Emanuela Todisco recently presented her research in Cadiz, Spain.  Hosted by the Universitat de les Illes Ballears, Spain, her research (with PI Professor Pedro Guijarro Fuentes)  was presented at the XXXVI AESLA International Conference. A sample of 100 simultaneous bilinguals is being recruited to conduct a pioneering experiment focusing on the adult production of demonstratives. For more information read the Abstract at AESLA2018